Monday, April 17, 2006

Get your inflatable nativity set here!

--The following was written in October 2005--

An inflatable nativity set--just what I need!
In today's mail was a catalogue that advertised on the front cover an inflatable, 9 foot, light up nativity scene. The slogan next to it? "Over 220 new items to inspire faith!"

Hmmmm. How, exactly, is this supposed to inspire my faith? Maybe, as I am blowing it up, I am supposed to thank God for the breath He gave me, for the air to breathe. Oh, wait, no, that can't be it--the nativity scene comes "with built-in electric air blower for quick and easy inflation." I'll have to think some more. In the meantime, I wonder what other items are in here that could inspire my faith.

As I peruse the catalogue, I come across some foam footballs with a reindeer on them that say "Jesus is deer to me". Deer to me? I thought he was the Lamb of God.

Oh, here's what everyone needs: a "worry stone" to carry in your pocket that says "God Rocks" on it. God rocks? I thought God was the rock. Maybe I'll have better luck on another page.

Colors of faith candy jewelry? Gingerbread church kit? "Smile! Jesus Loves You! Kick Balls" (hacky sacks)? I'm supposed to kick around something that tells me Jesus loves me? That seems a little odd.

So I guess there isn't anything inspiring about this cataloge. Oh wait, there is...I'm inspired to read where Jesus got angry at the moneychangers in the Temple for possibly taking advantage of people who needed to buy blemish-free animals for sacrifice. It's a story many Christians love, isn't it? Oh, those bad moneychangers--using God's house as a marketplace.

So tell me how this catalogue is any different.

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Malka Esther said...

You have to admit there stuff is entertaining. Years ago they had little of this stuff so I'm guessing it sells.