Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What Am I Going to Write About Today?

As I realized that today was Wednesday and I had promised myself to start a new habit of blogging on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, I wondered what on earth I was going to write about today.  I wondered if I should even bother, because I don't have a flashy, well-put-together blog, I don't participate in a lot of other blogs in order to up my readership, I don't have a domain name that make me easy to find.  So what am I writing for?

I had remembered something that my friend Amy wrote on her blog recently that I knew would be encouraging to me and when I went to look for it, I found this instead, which was actually much more encouraging to me than what I thought I was looking for:

I try to be intentional with what I post on the blog because I never know who is going to read it. I do believe in providence. I do believe that I could be writing a blog post for just 1 person to read. And I’m OK with that. We all need encouragement. If in some small way a blog post is an answer to prayer for insight, then it’s served it’s purpose.  From "The Makings of a Blog Post" on Grace for Jean.

And then when I finished reading that, I saw that someone had commented on a previous post of mine here. In my homily/message/sermonette/devotional/whatever-you-want-to-call-it from   the beginning of October, I had spoken about fear.  This part of Robert's comment made me smile and I felt encouraged that I had helped even just one person, as Amy had written about.  He said: "This post touched me so strongly kelly!!! ... A light turned on for me."

I have often thought there are no coincidences in this world, and in the last few months have seen glimpses of God working in things that perhaps we don't normally attribute to Him, and this is no exception.

So what will I write about today?  Well, this.  There are a lot of people and websites out there who will give advice on how to have a successful blog (and I am sure I will be reading them and taking some of the suggestions to heart), but if success is defined only in numbers, and if it leads to blogging pressure, then I don't think I want it.  I am happy to know that it is successful if even one person benefits from it, somehow.

So thank you, Amy and Robert, for your encouragement to me today.


Robert said...

Kelly- so cool to have made you smile a d contributed to your new post!!! I began blogging in 2005 with the intent you expressed!!! If anything i write and share can be of service to even 1 person then it makes it all worthwhile. I tend to speak very personally and openly from my heart on my blog. I have had times of many people commenting and long dry spells of nobody. It's all good as you said though Kelly because people can read and not comment. Thankd for writing kelly and if you go peek back at Rachels comments section on her last post about Smiths book, let me know if my comment to micah stirs thought for you :)

Jean said...

I'm glad to be sharing this blogging journey with you. One of the neat things about blogging for me is letting go of my words once I hit publish. In some ways I feel after I hit that button I have committed the post into God's hands...for Him to use as needed. Some of my posts are promptings from God...I don't know to what end they will be used. But I'm trying to be more sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit...and blogging is one small way for me to practice that. Thanks to you for the encouragement as well!!

Kelly said...

Robert--I will check out your comments (and your blog that you linked to before) as soon as I can!

Jean--I am glad to be sharing the blogging journey with you as well! It's about time we did *something* together!