Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Do We Ever Actually Rest?

Yesterday, I wrote about how quickly the last month has gone by for me.  It's been filled with meeting new people, visiting new churches, getting settled into a new routine, and getting used to being home with my kids all the time again (I worked part-time the last couple of years).

It's also involved joining Twitter.  Previously, I didn't think that I would be too interested in it, but I decided that I'd join it and follow people there instead of liking them on Facebook because I want to keep my Facebook account generally only for interacting with people I know.   I had begun to grow tired of seeing my news feed cluttered up with contests or sales or anything of that nature.

I have only been on Twitter for a couple of weeks, I think.  There are things that I like about it and things that I don't (some people are annoying in what they tweet or in how often they tweet).

I think that overall, though, Twitter feels a little overwhelming.  There is so much happening and everyone wants to be the first to tweet something of importance.  It moves way too fast for me.  I like to read something and then think about it, ask questions, and think some more.  In this Twitter world, there is no time for that.  By the time I have thought about something and may have an intelligent contribution to a topic, it has since passed and the next one is front and center.

Are we missing out on something important with our fast-paced lives in a fast-paced world?  Do we ever take the time to slow down anymore?

I remember one time in particular where I felt as if life slowed down for about 24 hours.  It was July of 2005 and I spent a week in Toronto with some Jewish friends.  Part of my time there was over shabbos or shabbat (the sabbath:  Friday sundown to Saturday sundown).  Everything for our meals was prepared in advance.  We did not use computers or television.  It was a lovely time.  I actually felt rested during that time.  I have never experienced the same thing on a Christian Sunday sabbath.  I rarely actually turn my computer off and the tv is on every day more than I care to admit.

There is something about rest that is so inviting and yet it often seems so impossible to actually grasp.

How do you rest?

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