Friday, March 30, 2012

An Interview with Christian Smith on “The Bible Made Impossible”

Read the complete interview with Christian Smith on “The Bible Made Impossible.”

An excerpt:
Frank: Tell us about the title (“The Bible Made Impossible”) . . . what does it mean and what does it not mean?
Christian Smith: The key word is “made.” The Bible itself is not impossible. I am clear in the book that the Bible is God’s inspired Word written and should and does function as a central authority in Christian life. The impossibility comes in when biblicism as a theory is applied to or imposed upon the Bible, as an account of how the Bible ought to function.
Did that pique your interest?  Make sure to read the full interview!

This blog I am sending you to is called Beyond Evangelical, written by author Frank Viola.  I just started reading this blog within the last couple of months and love it.  He's written numerous posts that I identify with as well as interviewed authors of books I either love and have read or want to read.  I hope you like it too.

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