Thursday, June 14, 2012

Are You Beyond Evangelical?

Frank Viola’s new book “Beyond Evangelical” has just released. Here’s the book description:
Recent studies indicate that evangelical Christians are known by the world as people who are narrow-minded, judgmental, self-righteous, legalistic, callous, hard-hearted, politically partisan, and quick to attack their own. Why is this, and is there a viable cure?
The evangelical Christian world has fractured into four main streams. One of these streams has grown weary of the Christian Right vs. Christian Left squabbles and vitriolic disputes. If this describes you, then you are not alone. And you will be encouraged to know that God is raising up a new breed of orthodox Christians who are breaking free from the Christian Right vs. Left quagmire.
Beyond Evangelical explores the changing face of evangelicalism and introduces readers to a growing segment of the Christian population who do not fit into the Right or Left categories, but who are marked by an uncommon devotion to the Lord Jesus Christ as this world's true Lord.
To read the Introduction, Table of Contents, and ordering information, go to


Earning a Prophet's Wage said...

Having not read the book (yet), I get the idea, from the link and the discussion below the featured post, that there is a war with a tar-baby going on here. Once you engage the battle, you are stuck with it...

I mean when you have to explain the term "beyond", that suggests a level of misunderstanding, mistrust, suspicion and UNcharity that threatens to entangle the whole discussion. Seems exasperating from the outset.

Hate to write a book here in your comments, but this opens up so many painful issues....

I have a "secular" job that functions very close to "ministry" and affords me a chance to share Jesus with clients frequently. In that setting, I have developed a reputation, so the feedback goes, of being very easy to talk to about matters of faith. I am "non-judgmental" or whatever...

However, I have years of ministry under my belt too. And I find myself in such deep conflict in house over some of things I would consider almost trivial. How did my belief that I should give to someone who asks (if I have it to give) become so divisive? I have so many powerful stories that witness to the power of giving $5 to a drug addicted hooker and/or welfare grandma (who subsequently went to college!) etc etc... but embroiled a whole church in conflict over it in one case and was denied a ministry job recently in another.

How did this happen? Why?

I am hopeful that the book you promote here will offer insights for my questions. I will look into it.

Thank you for posting.

Kelly said...

I hope you like the book! I've been reading Frank's blog for a few months now, and almost everything he writes resonates with me.

It sounds like you have a great opportunity for sharing your faith. In the recent denominations I've sort of been a part of, the ELCA and the CRCNA, there is not really a division between "sacred" and "secular"; faith is to be a part of all parts of life, not just "church life". Vocation/calling is not just relegated to "clergy" or "professional ministry" but is for everyone regardless of the actual job.

Helene said...

Long time no see, Kelly,
Yet I remembered you all along.

You are a nominee for the Illuminating Blogger Award

Come over at my blog and see how I present you to the world (okay, to some bloggers, anyway LoL)

Hope everything's fine. :)