Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Land of Enchantment

Just an update on what I'm doing this week.  We drove from Iowa to New Mexico to visit family.  In our small car.  With our two small children.  It went surprisingly well.  I thought I'd be blogging regularly (I brought my laptop) but the wireless hasn't been working right.  If it gets fixed, I may be able to blog.  If not, I'll be back sometime around the 20th or so.  We originally thought we'd be traveling later in the month but due to some scheduling changes, our trip got moved up and I didn't have time to write and schedule blog posts ahead of time either.

Here's an old but great song about Albuquerque for you to enjoy.

Have you ever been to New Mexico?  Did you like it?  And, if so, do you prefer red or green chile?  (I like red the best). 

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