Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Worth Reading Wednesday: Joy Newcom

For today's issue of "Worth Reading Wednesday", I want to spotlight my friend Joy Newcom, author of Involuntary Joy (website:  Involuntary Joy  Blog:  InJoyBlog).  I met Joy when we both worked for the same college, although our paths rarely crossed.  It wasn't until after I had stopped working there the first time (I worked there on two separate occasions) and then again after she had stopped working there that we became better friends (mainly over Facebook) and then after I moved away, we ended up communicating even more.

I will admit to being intimidated by Joy when I first met her.  She is strong and outspoken and I am very reserved (this is why my introverted personality loves communicating through writing and online).

Through knowing Joy, I have been able to put a face to issues that previously were only theoretical in my mind, if I even thought about them at all, such as having a disabled child and how laws and politics may affect people with disabilities.  I have been able to see other sides of issues that I had not considered, and she has caused me to really want to think through how issues affect real people.

I hope you all will visit her website and blog.  If you are not personally affected by a disability, you will learn much.  If you are affected, you will find someone with whom you can relate and share stories.

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