Thursday, November 08, 2012

Are You Looking For a Church?

Today, Adrian Warnock has a post called "How Do I Find a Church?"  In this post, he gives some ideas if people are looking for a church to attend.  Some of what he recommends considering are:

  • type of service (traditional or informal)
  • are the gifts of the Spirit rejected or practiced?
  • baptism for adults or babies?
  • size of church
He also gives a lot of practical advice as to how to go about finding one, including asking friends, checking denominational websites, and what to do when you visit one for the first time.

When I read Adrian's post, it reminded me of my own Church Shopping Saga and so we decided to share each other's posts on our blogs.  Please read Adrian's entire post, and here are the individual posts that I wrote about my experience:

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