Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Album Recommendation: Treva Blomquist "So We Would Know"

Treva Blomquist is a singer/songwriter from Arkansas who offered me a free copy of her album "So We Would Know" which releases on iTunes today.  I know nothing about music or reviewing music, and she was ok with that; she just wanted to share it with people who might be blessed by it. And I was.
Description of "So We Would Know" from  "So We Would Know" is 11 songs about God’s goodness, faithfulness, mercy and love.  These songs are based on old hymn texts I’ve found, most of which were written in the 1700-1800’s.  It’s old hymns made new. 
I smiled when the first song, "Where Freedom Speaks", came on, because it was both simple and beautiful; a voice and a guitar, which just happens to be my favorite type of music to listen to and it's not something I hear often.  I listened to it twice at first, and really liked it.   Now, I am not a person who normally listens to music on a regular basis.  Most of the time, because there is so much noise in my house from my children, I choose silence when I have the opportunity.  But I found myself wanting to play it more and even found myself singing songs from it later in the day.

Although I was only familiar with two of the hymns, I loved how Treva made them new to me.  Too often, hymns get relegated to being "outdated" or "old-fashioned" and "boring", and I sometimes feel sad that they have been replaced by lyrics that use words such as "wanna" or "na na na na na".  There is often a depth to hymns that can be missing from more modern songs, and Treva's way of putting them to new music is something that I enjoyed listening to, and I think others will as well.

You can get four free songs here:

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