Monday, December 05, 2011

Apathy or Hope? This week's Advent thoughts

This week's thoughts are not my own, but is simply a short paragraph I read in a commentary that I thought was appropriate for Advent.

“It is a characteristic of the best of us that we are in a hurry.  To wait is even harder than to be adventurous.  The hardest time of all is the time in between.  At the moment of decision, there is the excitement and the thrill; at the moment of achievement there is the glow and glory of satisfaction; but, in the intervening time, it is necessary to have the ability to wait and work and watch when nothing seems to be happening.  It is then that we are most liable to give up our hopes and lower our ideals and sink into an apathy whose dreams are dead.  Men and women of faith are people whose hope is flaming brightly and whose effort is intensely strenuous even in the grey days when there is nothing to do but wait.”  --William Barclay in The New Daily Study Bible:  The Letter to the Hebrews, page 172.