Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Worth Reading Wednesday

I know I read some great stuff in the last few weeks, but did I save it to share with you?  Nope.  So I am going by memory and looking back to see what I tweeted recently (not much) and only have a short list for you.  Enjoy!

I Stopped Guarding My Heart Ten Years Ago by Emily Maynard
"Until I discovered that you can’t shut down part of your heart and not shut down all of it. You can’t block all the negative emotions and still have enough space for the positive ones. It’s impossible to have a life overflowing with love in all areas when your heart is blocked up with fear and shame."

Isaiah 10 and the Fiscal Cliff by Morgan Guyton
"But God doesn’t have any respect for our individualist libertarian logic. God expects us to take care of our neighbors. People who are struggling have a right to be taken care of in God’s world. Now it is fair to ask what taking care of someone really means and to seek to avoid creating unhealthy dependencies, but this is a reason to make sure that we’re not making budget cuts that undermine having an adequate pool of social workers to manage poor clients so that decisions aren’t being made frantically by people who are overextended with enormous caseloads. Somebody has to stand up for the poor and make sure their legitimate needs aren’t sacrificed as part of a fiscal deal."

When You Can't Get Anything Done...Do One Thing by Time Management Ninja

"The other night I found myself unable to get anything done.
I was tired. Energy levels were low.
My mind just wanted to shut down for the day.
Yet, I had 2 hours of free time on my hands and a todo list a mile long.
I was having trouble getting motivated to do anything."

A Checklist For Building Your Platform in 2013 by Phil Cooke
"If you’re a writer, producer, filmmaker, artist, pastor, business or nonprofit leader, politician, or whatever – take a few minutes right now to think about how you’re connecting with your social media followers, donors, general public, and customers. Here’s a few good places to start:"

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