Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Split Personalities

I didn't get today's planned posts written, much less posted, so here's something off the top of my head.

About a year ago, I created a secondary Facebook account so I could join a blogging challenge group because I didn't want to do it under the account I'd already had, for various reasons.  At this time I also created a fan page for myself but never published it.

Today, that changed.  I am in the process of switching friendships to my first account and letting everyone know about the now-published fan page.  Lately, I've been realizing that I've enjoyed interacting with many of the people I have met through writing, blogs, and Twitter.  But I felt as though I was living in two different worlds.  One world was with people I know in "real life" and the other was with people I've met online.  Yet, some of my online friends are better friends than some of the people I know in real life.  I didn't always share the same things on both accounts and so both sets of people probably weren't really getting to know the real me.  It was getting complicated.

To me, this felt insincere and inauthentic (especially since most of the people I was interacting with were using their real accounts), and because in Christianity we talk a lot about authenticity and building relationships, I wanted to change how I was using Facebook.  I didn't want to have separate identities anymore and instead allow myself to build friendships with people based on who I really am.  While I still am not the type to share everything with everyone, this is a step in the right direction.

So, if you'd like to "like" my brand-new Facebook page, please do so here:

Kelly J Youngblood, Writer

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