Monday, April 30, 2012

Beginnings and Endings and Beginnings Again

At the end of March, I found out about something called the Ultimate Blog Challenge.  The challenge was to blog every day during April.  I was apprehensive because I didn't know if I would be able to do it; I had only recently begun blogging again on a regular basis and I thought writing something for every day would be too difficult.  I wanted to try it though, because I do like challenges, I thought it would help me be consistent with blogging, and I would have more people with whom to share my blog.  There were two days that I didn't post anything, but there were also two days that I posted two posts, so I think I got all 30 posts in.  Challenge complete (well, as soon as I post this one today, that is).

Now that the challenge has ended, I wonder where I begin again from here.  Do I continue to blog every day?  Cut back to a certain number of days?  Blog on specific days about specific topics?  When I first started blogging in February, I thought I'd post something 3 times per week.  During the challenge, I found I really enjoyed posting something every day.   I think I'll probably try to continue doing that, but not necessarily hold myself to it because some days, I just want to relax and not think about having to have something for my blog.

I learned some things during this challenge, too.

  • The more I wrote, the more ideas I came up with about future things to write about.  I have a very, very long list of topics now.
  • It was fun to meet people I'd never have met otherwise.
  • I enjoyed seeing the variety of blogs out there.  I usually just read Christian and Fashion blogs but through this I found many other topics.
  • There are some very good blogs out there and some very bad blogs out there.  
  • It seems that everyone wants to be a writer.
  • Other things I can't think of right at this moment.
If you are a blogger, and you need some help being consistent or coming up with ideas, I encourage you to participate the next time there is an Ultimate Blogging Challenge.  I might do it again then, too.  


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