Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Late Again!

I hate being late.  I have always thought that being "on time" for something means being there at least 5 minutes early.  I even left for church one time without my husband because if I'd waited, we were going to be late.  I don't think he really believed my threat that I was going to leave without him until I actually did it.

Now, though, I have two young children and I am often running late, whether it is because I tried to get a few more minutes of sleep, took a longer shower because they were actually still asleep, we can't find shoes, etc. I often find that I leave the house later than I intended.

I also find, now though, as I have started blogging and reading blogs that I feel as if I am late to everything.  There are so many great blogs to read and comment on, but by the time I finally can settle down and do so, it's days later and/or there are already 50+ comments on the blog.  Or there is a topic that everyone is writing about but I don't because by the time I can gather my thoughts, it's been played out.

And Twitter!  Everything moves so quickly on Twitter that it makes me feel like I am even further behind.  I leave my computer for a couple of hours and come back to 100+ tweets, and I only follow 153 people at the time of this writing!  I can't imagine what it is like for those who follow thousands of other Twitter users.

Is this because I am introverted and need time to think and process what I read about before I can come up with a coherent written thought?  Or am I just on the outskirts of news and cultural relevance?

What about you?  Do you like staying on top of all the fast-paced news?  Do you thrive on it, or does it wear you out?


Eleni Poulakou said...

I'm definitely an introvert, like you -- and I don't really care about being on top of everything the time it is news.
Catching up with things is great, but I think sociability and work are like cars -- you don't have to run at 200 miles per hour just because you have a tool (car) that achieves such speed. It's unnatural, especially if your reflexes do not support this kind of driving.
Kids are all-consuming, I have one, lol

Robbie Schlosser said...

Hi Kelly,
I lead a busy life, too, so your story is familiar. And I'm compulsive about being early (if I can't be on time), probably from my embarrassment at always being late as a kid. There are always SOME distractions for all of us, so sooner-or-later we learn to put first things first, regardless of the "bright shiny objects", as they say. For me, Facebook and Twitter fall in that category often. For you, as well?

Kelly said...

Good points Eleni; I like your analogy to the car.

Robbie, yeah, FB and Twitter definitely are distractions.